Camping Party Decorations – Turn Your Campsite into Your Personal Funhouse

What makes a party feel like a party? It needs to have guests, it needs delicious food, it needs fun games, and of course, it needs to look like one. Party decorations are a dime a dozen but when it comes to camping and outdoor parties we’re going to need a specific approach. If you’re planning on throwing a party during a camping trip then you have come to the right place.

I’ll give you some pointers on how to make your campsite significantly livelier for both children’s parties and adults. You should also check out my camping party supplies guide to get some idea on what you need to throw the best outdoors party. So, without further ado, let’s go straight to some fun ideas when it comes to decorating your campsite for parties.

1. Row, Row, Row Your Drinks

Depending on the campsite, you can actually use some items and equipment specific to that area for your decorations. For example, if you will be camping near a lake then chances are there is going to be an old canoe or small boat there. If you have one at the ready you can use it to store your beverages. Fill the small boat with ice and put your drinks in there.

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You also shouldn’t worry about cleaning it as you just flip it over and let it dry when done. What you should take away from this is to look at what’s already on hand in the area and think of an interesting way of using it.

You can even get some affordable canoe-shaped food servers like the Enrico Large Mango Wood Canoe Tray. It’s pretty large at 6 x 17 inches (W x L) and cheap so you can get a set of 3 to 4 for your outdoor party.

2. Get Imaginative with Candies and Snacks

Grab a handful of gummy worms and other fun snacks and place them in a clean bucket. Stick a sign that says “fish bait” on it. You can literally find a bunch of interesting novelty candies at your local grocery store. This should be a good choice for children and even adults. Who doesn’t like sweets, right? And if you truly want to go all in in this department you can get the largest gummy worm in the planet as the main attraction.

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Go make a chocolate milkshake and present it as mud. It’s delicious and goes in with outdoor aesthetics. Remember that you can also use the food you will be serving as decorations. It’s just about sprinkling some fun when planning.

3. Use the Whole Campsite

You have a lot of space so you better use them. Try making some signboards that point towards separate areas in your party. Have one for the snacks, another that points to where games are available, and other signs that point to specific facilities. It’s easy to make and it helps give off that on the trail feel if you know what I mean.

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If you don’t know how to approach making the campsite sign boards then you can check out Jumbo Camping Sign Cutout. You can nail it on trees and other easily viewed areas in your campsite.

Dividing the campsite to different areas need planning so better make a blueprint of the area and check where you would place the food, sleeping quarters, and fun room.

4. Get Your Pet to Join in the Fun

If you have a pet then why not include them in your planning? If you’re doing a children’s party outdoors and you have a couple of pets lying around the house why not make a mini petting zoo? Of course, just make sure your pets are safe to be handled by others before showing them off. 

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You can also try and put them in crazy costumes if you like. I have a pet turtle and I usually bring him with me during camping trips with friends and family. I just tie a little balloon on him and let him roam around the area. My dogs are also free to roam about as they are extremely playful and friendly so I just let my kids play with them.

You can get animal costumes online like this Jurassic Park inspired one for your dog and this costume that will turn your cat into the most majestic beast in the animal kingdom.

5. Outdoor Themed Utensils

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You can buy some outdoor themed paper plates, cups, and other essential party needs at your supermarket. You can check online if you’re having trouble finding one at your store. Or maybe, you want to check out the Camp Out Decoration Set if you need something quick and easy to set up for the kids.

Additional Guidelines and Tips:

Hope some of the tips below may help you a lot with your campsite decoration:

Have Some Party Favors On-Hand

After the celebration, you should have some party favors on hand. It’s pretty easy to make and you can put whatever excess food you have beforehand. You can make your own or use colored paper bags. You add some homemade stuff in there too if you got the time to make them. 

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I actually had the kids help me make some rope bracelets for my oldest daughter’s birthday celebration in Douthat State Park in Virginia. It was a pretty fun way to bond and we were able to make a bunch of rope bracelets. Actually, we made a bit too many.
Here’s a good and cheap party favor bag for adults and one designed for children if you’re looking for one that fits the aesthetics of the outdoors.

Clean Up Afterwards

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Please don’t be an irresponsible camper. Leave the area as you found it. Make sure you remove all trash lying around before leaving. This is also a good lesson to teach children. Bring a couple of large garbage bags for your disposal. Don’t vandalize the area as well. Again, be responsible whenever you’re going camping or hiking.

Fun Activities and Games

Plan your activities and games depending on your guests. For children, you can plan out popular party games like a sack race, scavenger hunts, and other well-known outdoor games. For adults though you might want to change it up a bit. There are a couple of drinking games that you can incorporate. If drinking is not your thing then maybe some more physically demanding ones like ultimate frisbee, maybe?

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Think about what your guests prefer and develop your activities around that. Some like to be physical while others simply want a good laugh and entertainment. There are literally dozens of activities to choose from that revolves around the great outdoors.

Share the Fun, Invite Other Campers!

Make some new friends along the way. When we were having a party celebration with my kids there were also other family campers at the site. What better way to develop camaraderie with other like-minded individuals, right? Fortunately, most of the campers around that time were also families so my kids were able to make new friends. While we parents were able to talk about our camping experiences and gather some tips on great locations we were unfamiliar with as well.

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When I go camping with my family our usual goal is to be away from the hustle and bustle of people. But there’s nothing bad with forming a couple of bonds here and there during our journey. I highly recommend that you do the same.

Final Thoughts

Choosing camping party decorations is easy, the thing you need to keep in mind is the planning. Will you be throwing a party for children or for adults? Start from there and choosing the supplies and decorations will fall into place. Again, please be responsible and take other campers and the area itself into consideration. If you can find a spot away from other campers to avoid disturbing them then go for it.

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Fortunately, this article helped you get some ideas on how to plan out a camping party. If you have anything to add to the discussion then feel free to comment down below and share this with other happy campers. Enjoy the bounty of mother nature, always treat it with respect and be a responsible camper! Cheers, mate!

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